It effects 1-in-8. My circle of 8, your circle of 8. Breast cancer does not discriminate or judge – it just happens for reasons real and tangible and often inexplicable. Recently, one of my favorite 8’s was dealt this irreverent badge of courage - and true to form; she has worn it with pride, grace and unbelievable strength. Her statuesque beauty is enviable, but what sets her apart the most is her commitment to living life on her terms. She looks for the beautiful moments and is rarely without her rose colored glasses. She’s the one who waxes poetic about a sunny afternoon and savors the sweetness of a long quiet bath, all the while carrying more than the average load. To show her just how much she means to all of us, a group of friends and colleagues came together last spring to create a collection of hats that would make any woman smile. And smile she did – over, and over again, as she modeled each one...making even the less desirable hats look amazing! She is just that kind of person. You know the one from your circle of 8 - the one that inspires you.